[plt-scheme] flicker problem in a game coded with Dr.Scheme

From: RODRIGUES,ANDRE (HP-Brazil,ex1) (andre.rodrigues at hp.com)
Date: Tue Nov 26 13:31:16 EST 2002

Hi Francis,
A general technique for avoiding flickering is double-buffering. It consists
on writing everything (scenery, characters, etc) to a buffer and them to
draw that buffer to the screen (in your case, the canvas).
I don't know of any issues that might prevent this technique to work with
Dr. Scheme.
I hope it helps,

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I'm coding a small game with characters moving on a canvas.  When I update
the position of all the objects of my scene and then draw my updated bitmap,
the screen flickers.  Because I'm trying to make the game animated, it
flickers real fast and the game is almost unplayable.

I'm using a bitmap with a bitmap-dc over a canvas.  I redraw each object of
the scene and then draw the bitmap.  Is there a way to avoid the flickering?


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