[plt-scheme] Memory management and MzScheme

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Sat Nov 23 18:48:23 EST 2002

> Thank your for the reply. I did poke around MzScheme's sources
> and as far as I could tell scheme_build_list will take its input
> and create a list by copying the input into pairs. I did not
> see anything in the code that implied the need for specially
> allocated memory.

scheme_build_list would copy the string pointers into pairs, and once that
has actually happened, your strings ought to be safe.  However, if garbage
collection is triggered before that happens - e.g. from within
scheme_make_string or scheme_build_list itself - the strings whose pointers
have not yet been copied into a Scheme structure would be fair game for the
garbage collector.

Note that you wouldn't see the garbage collection being invoked directly
from within the above functions; instead, it would be invoked from within
memory allocation functions which those functions use.

I don't know exactly what conditions trigger garbage collection in MzScheme,
but since your loop allocates 10,000 objects, it seems reasonable that
collection would occur at least once during that process.


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