[plt-scheme] Conversion from vr. 103 to 202

From: Michel Martin (michel.martin at hermes.usherb.ca)
Date: Tue Nov 19 16:25:32 EST 2002

            I have a game that work in DrScheme103, but I would like to
run it under the 202 version. Is there something I can do to have the
same "Full Scheme Language" of 103 in 202? The "Pretty Big" language
doesn't contain what I'm looking for. Or how can I transform those next
2 points in the 202 version? 
1.	It seems I have a problem using "override". I receive:
"class*/names: override element is not an identifier or pair of
identifiers". Here's my code:
(define my-canvas% 
  (class canvas% ; The base class is canvas%
    (frame) ; one extra argument, frame, is provided to make-object 
      ; Method to handle mouse events
       [on-event (lambda (event) 
                   (cond ((eq? (send event get-event-type) 'left-down)
                          (send panneau focus))))]
      ; Method to handle keyboard events
      [on-char (lambda (event)
                 (if (and connect? tour?) (cond ((eq? (send event
get-key-code) #\space)
                        (ask curseur 'selectionne))
                        (ask curseur 'deplace (send event
      [on-paint (lambda ()
                  (ask grille 'draw-grille #f)
                  (ask curseur 'rafraichi)
                  (send panneau focus))])
    ; Call the superclass initialization, providing frame
    (sequence (super-init frame))))
2. I get a similar problem with "ivar/proc". It is not recognized in
(ivar/proc permission 'get-pen).
Is it a big deal to have my game working?
Thanks in  advance for your response.
Michel Martin 

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