[plt-scheme] SGDL PDE

From: Robert Bruce Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Mon Nov 18 09:38:54 EST 2002

Right, I'm sure that it is -- I meant no disrespect. I was using "tool"
in the technical sense of DrScheme's documentation. Apologies for the


At Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:33:34 -0500, "Dominique Boucher" wrote:
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> Robby,
> > Well, if you did develop a tool (to give you an idea, the syntax
> > checker, mrspidey, mrflow, the teaching languages and many other things
> > are tools) it would be a separate product, not requiring any
> > modification to DrScheme and thus avoiding this problem. I imagine that
> > the only changes you'd have to make to DrScheme itself would be bug
> > fixes (assuming you couldn't upgrade to our later versions) and
> > possibly exposing more functionality via the tools interface. In short,
> > I can't imagine that you'd have made many chages that would be
> > important to keep secret. That could could all live in the tool itself.
> Studio (as we call it), is much more than a single tool. It is a set of
> tightly integrated tools. In fact, Studio replaces most of DrScheme's tools.
> So I think it was best to redesign it from scratch.
> Dominique

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