[plt-scheme] is-color? method for monochrome images.

From: Ray Racine (rracine at adelphia.net)
Date: Sun Nov 17 20:53:42 EST 2002

> (define bmap1 (make-object bitmap% "ABC" 8 3))
> (send bmap1 get-depth)
> (send bmap1 is-color?)

> (define bmap2 (make-object bitmap% 8 3 #t))
> (send bmap2 get-depth)
> (send bmap2 is-color?)

> (define bmap3 (make-object bitmap% 8 3 #f))
> (send bmap3 get-depth)
> (send bmap3 is-color?)

Shouldn't the is-color? method return false for monochrome images?

Am I reading the doc incorrectly?

Linux RH, from compile of exp tagged source.
Version: 202.5-cvs14nov2002

Ray Racine <rracine at adelphia.net>

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