[plt-scheme] Question on Teaching Scheme with DrScheme

From: Steve Elkins (sgelkins at nortelnetworks.com)
Date: Tue Nov 5 16:14:39 EST 2002

"Paul Steckler" <steck at ccs.neu.edu> writes:

> > See http://www.alice.org/about.htm for more information.  The page is
> > probably correct regarding required software for the latest version,
> > but a few years ago Alice was ported to Squeak and runs there still.
> I couldn't get the demos to work on Win2000 with either Mozilla or IE6,
> after downloading the plug-in.

So I guess the page is *not* correct and saying "probably" was a bit
too optimistic.  Maybe all the Windows 95 info should've tipped me
off.  If I remember I'll try to make it work next time I boot Win2k.
All my Alice experience is in Squeak, where it's lots of fun.

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