[plt-scheme] Question on Teaching Scheme with DrScheme

From: P Pareit (pieter.pareit at planetinternet.be)
Date: Mon Nov 4 15:34:31 EST 2002

On Thursday 31 October 2002 16:30, Lear, Russell wrote:

> Not sure if this is a reasonable request, but here goes...
> My 12 year old daughter was looking over my shoulder while I was working on
> something in DrScheme.  She asked questions so we went over the arithmetic
> operations and did some simple function definitions (computing the area of a
> circle and using that to compute the volume of a cylinder).  She bought into
> the lisp notation surprisingly quickly.
> Anyway, she's pretty excited over this and wants to learn more.  Are there
> any resources people know of on teaching kids simple programming?  "Scheme
> and the Art of Computer Programming" wasn't written with 12 year old kids in
> mind!
> Is Scheme a poor choice for this project?  The interactive nature of
> DrScheme is a big draw and I'd hate to try to explain Java to her, but I can
> be flexible.
> I suspect this interest will eventually fade, but I'd like her to get
> something out of it while it lasts.

Some small program's are very fun for kids. My brother who is 13 find's a 
small program of me very fun. You can find the program + explication + source 
at http://users.skynet.be/ppareit/guess.html .


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