[plt-scheme] wrap editor% ?

From: David Richards (dirichards at cox.net)
Date: Sun Nov 3 21:50:28 EST 2002

Hi all,

How might one best achieve the following GUI effect in MrED?

Consider an outer editor frame containing snip1 and an editor-snip 
containing snip2:

[snip1 [snip2]]

(The square brackets are meant to indicate a container.)

Add more snips:

[snip-1 [snip-2 snip-3 snip-4 ... snip-n]]

The inner editor will soon exceed the max-width of the outer container. 
If auto-wrap is enabled for the outer container, the inner editor-snip 
will wrap to the next line:

  [snip-2 snip-3 snip-4 ... snip-n]]

The effect I seek is for the inner editor-snip to 'break' into two (or 
more) parts such that only the snips not able to fit on the first line 
are wrapped to the subsequent lines.

[snip-1 [snip-2 snip-3
  snip-4 ... snip-n]]

If the inner editor-snip has a visible border, the visual cues might 
involve showing the first part of this 'broken' editor-snip with a 
border open ended on the right, and the second part (on line 2) with a 
border open ended on the left. (Alternatively, a 'trace-around' border 
might surround the region containing snips-2...snip-n.)

Based on a freshman understanding of MrED's capabilities, I do not know 
a straightforward way to achieve this visual effect.

I believe this visual effect could be put to extremely good use for 
implementing a novel and clever user interface for browsing certain 
lexical structures. A fairly extensive survey of extant or theoretical 
user interface frameworks has not revealed a single system that 
provides for this visual grouping effect.

Based on my research, MrED appears to be the most promising framework 
to implement a user interface employing this type of visual effect.

I would be most grateful for advice on strategies and techniques for 
implementing this visual effect in MrED.


David Richards

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