[plt-scheme] Newbie macro problem

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Fri Nov 1 22:11:00 EST 2002

> My objection is that trying over and over via an exception handler
> doesn't seem very clear. It can be really frustrating to maintain code
> of a "clever" person, especially in a language with relatively complex
> features like the non-local control in exception handlers.

I was being obscurely silly related to my rant about exceptions which
Shriram forwarded the other day.  Actually, your objection about the clarity
of exception handling code feeds right into some of my points.  I do think
that simplifying the syntax of exception handling, where possible, can help
clarity a little.

Completely tangentially, I've always found it rather frustrating that it's
not safe to write "clever" code because someone else might have to try to
understand it.  I've sometimes resorted to providing the clever solution in
commented form, and then providing the boring salariman version as the
executable code.


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