[plt-scheme] SRFI's

From: Francisco Solsona (solsona at acm.org)
Date: Wed Jun 26 15:19:20 EDT 2002

"Brent Fulgham" <brent.fulgham at xpsystems.com> writes:

> The Schematics site has implementations of several SRFI's, and I'm
> wondering if it would be possible to get them bundled into the PLT
> distribution so that people wouldn't have to go through the
> additional work of downloading and installing them.
> Any opinions?

We (the schematics crew) offered to coordinate the port of the surfies
to PLT Scheme, and Matthew agreed to include them in the core PLT
distribution once we were finish, and we're not quite there yet.

For myself I've ported the ones I wanted/needed to use, and haven't
found much free time to do some more.  As Shriram once mentioned,
porting surfies to PLT *is very easy*, basically you just need to wrap
them in a module, kinda (see SRFI-2 for a counter-example. :)

my 2 cents,

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