[plt-scheme] DrScheme tools, show backtrace

From: Ryan Culpepper (ryan_sml at yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jun 21 20:02:31 EDT 2002

I'm writing a tool for DrScheme, and I want to use some of the source
editing and debugging features of DrScheme. I want to be able to
insert clickbacks that display and highlight text in a source file
(like the page icons or the source links in the backtrace window). I
also want to have clickbacks that show a backtrace window based on an
exception object.

I've looked at drscheme:debug^ in drscheme/private/drsig.ss, and I've
looked at the source of drscheme/private/debug.ss. None of the
exported functions look like they do what I want. Is there a way to
do this without duplicating DrScheme code?

Ryan Culpepper

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