[plt-scheme] Release question

From: Matt Jadud (mjadud at cs.indiana.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 25 15:14:03 EDT 2002

A question I think I know the answer to:

	A colleague and I have a working compiler that takes a reasonable
subset of Scheme (from a beginner standpoint) and compiles it to a form that
will interop with an existing runtime for the LEGO Mindstorm. However,
"working" is a relative measure; reasonable programs have problems with code
explosion, and we rapidly generate code that exceeds the internal memory
available on the LEGO (32K).

	We bailed high, and are cross-compiling to Forth (our runtime). Now
that we've had a chance to test our work, it is obvious that we need to take
our code lower down the chain and optimize more along the way. We suspected
this might be necessary from the beginning, but wanted to see what we'd get
once we reached our intemediate language.

	Do we turn this code loose and let people start playing with it now, or
wait until we've got something genuinely useful (ie. 30 line programs don't
blow up the LEGO).


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