[plt-scheme] Announce: WebIt! - An XML Collection (version 0.4)

From: MJ Ray (markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Wed Jul 24 18:44:24 EDT 2002

Benderjg2 at aol.com <Benderjg2 at aol.com> wrote:
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Please can we lose this header?  Anyway...

> The WebIt! collection supports the creation and processing of XML, HTML, and 
> CSS using Scheme. The core of WebIt! is RS-XML, an abstract datatype for XML.

I sent you some queries about this, especially asking how it compares to
SSAX-SXML and the match.ss currently in PLT-Scheme.  Would you answer,


> - libraries of element and attribute constructor functions (and predicates) 
>     for HTML, XML Schema, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Is anyone working on an SVG converter for Scheme?  I guess with there being
a PDF library now, FOP conversion is possible.

More random thoughts later.


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