[plt-scheme] confused and probably dazed

From: Rohan Nicholls (Rohan.Nicholls at informaat.nl)
Date: Tue Jul 16 09:34:20 EDT 2002

Thanks probably, and there is nothing wrong with apache, it is doing what it is supposed to, more than can be said for IIS, but I would eventually like to be able to move the work I am doing to a *nix server so am inclined to stick to the cygwin version as it is pretty much the same as the *nix version.

I have just posted a make around, as I was pretty sure there must be a pathname conversion utility in cygwin, and there is: cygpath (probably should have figured that out myself.)


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Um...would the ms windows version of apache help? Works fine with cgi from
c, perl, python and bash...haven't tried mzscheme though



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