[plt-scheme] confused and probably dazed

From: Rohan Nicholls (Rohan.Nicholls at informaat.nl)
Date: Tue Jul 16 08:37:03 EDT 2002

Couple of questions:

Has anyone managed to successfully get mzscheme to be executed as a cgi executable on IIS?
Microsoft seems to be running away from cgi as far and as fast as possible, so they have isapi, however that yields no joy.  I have done everything listed on any of their documentation online and installed, and finally gave up and installed apache on my cygwin distribution in frustration, apparently, as I have been finding out a lot lately now that I actually want to get something done, MS's documentation and reality bear no resemblance to each other.

This leads to my second question.  Is there a cygwin version of MzScheme, as the present version uses windows pathnames, so passing it a cygwin version makes it cough, and I am no cvs expert, and cygwin doesn't have rpm, so I cannot use that source package.  Or another option, I have looked at the documentation for a way to have mzscheme accept cygwin pathnames, but can't find any.  Is there a cygwin pathname conversion utility that anyone can think of off the top of their head that could be used to convert the pathname?

And yes I am sick and tired of windows, however I have to use it for where I work, hmmmm maybe time to change my job...:)  

Thanks for any help,


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