[plt-scheme] emacs and Mzscheme

From: Rohan Nicholls (Rohan.Nicholls at informaat.nl)
Date: Wed Jul 10 05:44:07 EDT 2002

Hello all,

I am very new to scheme in general and pltscheme/mzsheme in particular.

I am getting quite experienced in Common Lisp, and last night started reading the r4rs, this morning I discovered r5rs, so I am reading that now.

However, this is my problem at the moment.  I am a rabid emacs user, and am trying to get MzScheme to run as an inferior lisp process, and am not having much success.  Is there any documentation on how to get MzScheme to run in emacs?

Thanks in advance.  I have been impressed with the small size of the scheme specification, much faster to read than Common Lisp.:)  Guess I am just going to end up loving both.


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