[plt-scheme] Question about bindings...

From: Neil W. Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Jul 9 18:26:49 EDT 2002

> On Jul  9, Aaron Leung wrote:
> > I've sometimes heard people talk about creating 'bindings' for GTk
> > or OpenGL or some other similar thing.  I have a vague idea what
> > this means, but can someone explain in a little more detail?

A good starting point is the "Inside PLT MzScheme" manual:


Incidentally, I love to have well-designed, correct GTK2 bindings (with
Pango and Libart) for MzScheme.  But this is a nontrivial undertaking,
due to the size and complexity of the GTK2 API.  If anyone can invest a
good hacker-month on this, I have a few tips that might be helpful.

                                                        Neil W. Van Dyke

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