[plt-scheme] problem with message%

From: Nicolas Chevallier (nicolas-chevallier at wanadoo.fr)
Date: Mon Jul 8 08:06:09 EDT 2002

I don't understand this problem
I try to test this on scheme 2.0 and there is the same problem

> (define a-frame (make-object frame% "label" #f 200 200 200 200 '()))
(define a-message (make-object message% "" a-frame '()))
(send a-message set-label "test")
(send a-frame show #t)

### the frame is shown but the message is not shown ###

> (send a-message get-label)

if the initial label of the message object is one chararacter
the label shown is t
so the initial label must be at least 4 characters to see "test"
the problem is that i want to put a variable length label...

Nicolas Chevallier
nicolas-chevallier at wanadoo.fr

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