[plt-scheme] Browser support (was: New Help Desk)

From: Richard Cobbe (cobbe at airmail.net)
Date: Fri Jul 5 21:13:56 EDT 2002

Lo, on Friday, July 5, MJ Ray did write:

> Richard Cobbe <cobbe at airmail.net> wrote:
> > [1] Yes, I know DrScheme 200 is out.  I'm lazy, though, so I'm waiting
> > for the Debian package to be released.
> I would hope that the Debian package will use something in
> /etc/alternatives, but on first glance I don't see anything obvious in there
> that looks like a web browser.

Well, I've got 
in /etc/alternatives on my woody system.  (One does wonder why we have
all of these, rather than a single `web-browser' setting -- to choose
between different versions of the programs, perhaps?  This is a question
for a different mailing list, though.)

The trick comes in some of the logic in sendurl.ss.  In particular, for
netscape, they go through a number of steps to get the remote protocol
right.  For browsers like galeon which get this right all by themselves,
though, this sort of stuff is unnecessary.  As a result, the Right Thing
is not entirely clear to me.  I suppose one could define
/etc/alternatives/web-browser to handle remote automatically, perhaps by
wrapping the call to the actual browser in a shell script which does
(the equivalent of) the whole 
  `-remote openURL(http://blah.blah/blah,new-window)'
thing, where necessary.  But then, what do you do on non-Debian systems?

ISTR, however, that /etc/alternatives and web browsers have been
discussed at some length on one of the debian mailing lists recently.  I
wasn't paying attention, so there may well be issues that I'm not aware


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