[plt-scheme] 200.1

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 4 17:26:04 EDT 2002

The exp-tagged code in CVS for MrEd and MzScheme is now version 200.1.

MzScheme changes:

 * Fixed bug in port reading (especially variants of `read-string')
   and `file-position' after peeks on the port.

 * Windows: added special handling of "special files" (COM1, etc.).
   Internally MzScheme opens the file only once to satisfy multiple
   `open-input-file' and `open-output-file' calls that have the port
   open at the same time.

 * Mac OS X: by default, `configure' arranges to install the MzScheme
   and MrEd frameworks in the user-specific ~/Library/Frameworks
   directory instead of the root /Library/Frameworks directory. Use
   --enable-libfw to get the old behavior.

MrEd changes:

 * New load handler, `text-editor-load-handler', enables MrEd to load
   source files that are stored in the graphical editor format. The
   handler is installed on start-up.

 * Added `open-input-text-editor', used by the new load handler.

 * Added readable-snip<%>, which is recognized in ports created
   with `open-input-text-editor' to "read" special snips.

 * Changed file loading and saving so that a snip class name of the
   form "(lib ...)" triggers the loading of a snip class implementation.

 * Removed `get-clipboard-client' from clipboard<%>.

 * Changed `set-clipboard-client' to associate a clipboard-client%
   object to the current eventspace, and `the-clipboard' to call
   methods within the eventspace through event callbacks.

 * Added a variant of `insert-file' to editor<%> to accept
   an input port instead of a filename.

 * Added `can-reorder?', `on-reorder', and `after-reorder' to

 * Changed `load-file', `save-file', and `insert-file' in editor<%> to
   raise exceptions instead of returning booleans.


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