[plt-scheme] PLT Scheme v203 available

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Dec 24 14:37:05 EST 2002

On Dec 24, MJ Ray wrote:
> I don't.  I can see some mileage in providing a /usr/local binary
> tarball that may work on some common distributions, but I can quite
> appreciate the developers not wanting to waste their time doing
> RedHat's job.  Something the size/complexity of PLT Scheme doesn't
> package easily -- you have to know the packaging system *and* the
> software quite well.  PLT are already very good with the software,
> so let's let them concentrate on that and help us packagers when
> necessary.  Having a binary tarball would be a help, as we could
> compare with that if we can't make the packaging work quite right.

Well, I did post a self-extracting binary directory which does some
installation work too (symlinks for executables and man pages).  Some
of that work duplicates stuff that install.ss does anyway, so I think
that just improving it a little (e.g., letting it make these links,
checking before overriding other executables by the same name and/or
making it possible to install jst the important one (things like
`names' and `web-server' are probably used elsewhere too...)).  Any
such work would not only improve the installer with stuff it might do
when run normally, but it would also make it extremely easy to package
it in a very simple "untar + ./install" RPM.  A more politically
correct RPM would get divided into such things as devel, doc, and gui
packages etc -- but as I said before, that really doesn't seem
relevant -- a single monolothic RPM would be just fine with above

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