[plt-scheme] reloading servlets and modules

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Dec 18 09:51:57 EST 2002

> I'm starting to develop some servlets, and it's a
> little tedious to
> have to visit the conf/refresh-servlets URL every
> time I want to test
> some changes to the servlet.  

There is another way...  Side step the problem and
don't develop servlets.  Develop normal Scheme
programs that you test in the normal way, and then
have this thin wrapper layer to turn them into
servlets.  That's what I've done with MoshiMoshi.  It
works well.  I haven't had to emulate the servlet
environment yet (send/suspend etc.) but that would be
quite easy (and it will make an excellent contrib to
SchemeUnit *hint* ;-)


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