[plt-scheme] current-directory and eventspaces

From: Jefferson Provost (jp at cs.utexas.edu)
Date: Tue Dec 17 01:19:14 EST 2002

Robert Bruce Findler wrote:
> The current-directory is thread-specific. When you create an
> eventspace, you create a new thread. With the commented line
> uncommented, you are setting the current directory in one thread (the
> original thread -- the main thread of the original eventspace) and then
> looking it up in a different thread (the callbacks are handled on the
> main thread of the eventspace that the frame is registered with).

Okay.  I get it now.  My confusion was in not understanding exactly what 
it means for an eventspace to be the current-eventspace, and how the 
events can be handled in a different thread from where the object was 


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