[plt-scheme] Problen with MzScheme/examples/bitmatrix.c under win32

From: Harry Reed (doon at infoscientific.com)
Date: Mon Dec 16 18:10:42 EST 2002

    I am going through the ffi examples located in plt\collects\mzscheme\examples. Under Win32 the examples seem to work generally OK with the exception of bitmatrix.c. Has anyone gotten the bitmatrix example extension in the examples directory to work under Win32? The debugger tells me that the Scheme_Object *'s  add & mult (etc.), after having been initialized in scheme_initialize(...). are NULL They, therefore, crash MxScheme/MrEd whenever add/mult/etc. are dereferenced. Being a real Scheme newbie I cannot tell if the initialization calls in scheme_initialize() are correct etc., but I assume that at one time bitmatrix.c was functional under win32. If anybody has a solution I would appreciate knowing how to fix this.

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