[plt-scheme] slib packaging

From: Neil W. Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Fri Dec 13 02:12:09 EST 2002

For SLIB use from within PLT, the current best approach for my needs
seems to be to use the standard "slibinit" collection and unpack the
latest SLIB in the PLT tree as "collects/slib".

I've not yet used SLIB, so perhaps someone could advise whether it would
be good for me to package SLIB in the following way:

  * Package SLIB as an "slib.plt" that installs an "slib" collection.
  * Do not modify any of the SLIB files, nor attempt to turn them into
    individual PLT modules.  At least not just yet.
  * Provide SLIB documentation in HTML format, with keywords index file
    that works with the Help Desk.
  * Incorporate contents of "slibinit" so that this packaging can be
    used by requiring `(lib "load.ss" "slib")', without disrupting use
    of "slibinit" (which would remain).

Or if someone else wants to make an "slib.plt", I'm happy to defer to them.


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