[plt-scheme] scheme crash

From: Yuri Niyazov (yuricake at yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Dec 9 13:40:51 EST 2002

Thank you Robert for answering my frame related question - that was exactly what I was looking for

next question: 

I am writing an application that uses the multi-threading and the GUI features of DrScheme. I run
into the following problem: when I run my program from within the DrScheme environment (202
release), about 10% of the time it crashes - I don't mean my scheme program crashes, I mean the
whole DrScheme environment GPFs (Win2K) - I am a beginner to DrScheme, but I'd say I am an
intermediate in Scheme itself, but a fairly experienced programmer in general. I am not sure how
to go about catching crashes of the environment itself - I'll gladly RTFM if pointed in the right
direction. I can't figure out whether it's a bug in my code or a bug in DrScheme. I have Visual
Studio installed, so I can start up its debugger - it points to a memory location in LIBMZSCH, but
not much can be figured out. 

Thank you,
Yuri Niyazov.

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