[plt-scheme] CGI using MzScheme on Windows

From: Rohan Nicholls (rohan.nicholls at informaat.nl)
Date: Mon Dec 2 12:49:03 EST 2002

Noel Welsh wrote:
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>   http://list.cs.brown.edu/mailman/listinfo/plt-scheme
> I've tried TinyWeb and Apache and I can't get it to
> work either.  It appears that whatever MzScheme is
> writing to isn't the port the webserver is reading
> from.

Which brings up the large undertaking of using cygwin, and apache on 
cygwin.  I have experimented with this on win2000, and had no problem, 
but IIS does not like CGI at the best of times, and I also ran into 
problems with it, and spending hours on msdn helped not a bit.:(

> I'm using W2K.
> Note the response is always empty.  Works like a charm
> on Linux!

Which is why Win2000 has been demoted to a virtual machine on linux on 
my machine.:)

> Noel

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