[plt-scheme] CGI using MzScheme on Windows

From: Ehud Lamm (ehudla at openu.ac.il)
Date: Tue Dec 3 07:16:34 EST 2002

A student of mine is doing a project that compares Scheme servlets with
regular CGIs. 
She is now trying to write the CGI version of her example system, and I am
trying to help here run it on here personal Windows box.
I tried two small and easy to install personal web servers, but in both
cases I had trouble with getting MzScheme scripts to run under CGI.

1) Tinyweb - No result is returned. The MzScheme process doesn't seem to
end, and obviously the server continues to wait for it.
2) PWS - I get the load error "empty path" no matter what I do.

I tried searching the archives but couldn't find a solution. Can anyone can
direct me to configuration that works under Windows (with any easy to
install server), or suggest what I am doing wrong with the two server I

Ehud Lamm

I apologize if this appears twice. My first attempt seems to have been to
wrong address.

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