[plt-scheme] contest - possibly useful tool

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sat Aug 31 21:31:20 EDT 2002

[Apologies if this message makes it out twice.]

If you're participating in the ICFP programming contest, you might have
a use for the new "icfp-robot-gui" collection in CVS. It's available,
though *not* exp-tagged (and it won't become exp-tagged).

The collection provides a server that animates the robot motions. It
also provides a client, so that you can play robot. Edit the obvious
part of "server.ss" or "client.ss" to configure it.

The game rules are complex, so I'm sure there are problems with the
current server. In fact, I know that it's broken in the way that it
uses a robot's capacity (compares the capacity to inidividual packages
instead of the total package weights). And there are bound to be lots
of bugs. Still, "server.ss" might be a useful visualization tool.

I plan to keep working on it when I find time. Report bugs directly to


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