[plt-scheme] Minor X11 issue (was: I want the old help desk back)

From: Brent Fulgham (brent.fulgham at xpsystems.com)
Date: Tue Aug 27 11:38:42 EDT 2002

Just to hop on the commentary bandwagon for a second, I just ran
across a problem where a broken XFree86 XFS (X Font Server) setup
caused DrScheme to have extremely slow load times.

The XFS is installed by default on many Linux systems (though it's
not strictly necessary since most of us are only serving fonts
to ourselves, which X11 can already handle without a server.)
Somehow my installation was broken (not responding), though I
never noticed since I have no networked font clients for my local

With this setup, DrScheme would begin loading, run its progress
bar across the full width of the splash screen, then sit dormant
for upwards of 10 minutes.  Eventually it would continue loading
(displaying the various "add-in" features like HTDP, etc.)

I discovered that once I corrected the XFS problem, DrScheme
began loading quickly again.  MrEd and MzScheme never had any
issues with the font server problem.

This was definitely not DrScheme's problem, but I do wonder if
DrScheme could be revised to have a slightly shorter timeout
when trying to read font information?



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