[plt-scheme] [netgeek at speakeasy.net: Re: PLT web-server]

From: Mike MacHenry (dskippy at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 22 12:22:40 EDT 2002

I am helping a friend (/former co-worker) work through using the plt-scheme
web-server. He's run into a problem of the web-server seemingly requiring
mred and thus X. Does the web-server really require X to run? PaulG, is
there a work around that he could run with just mzscheme? I know you can
start up the server with the "serve" primative. Could he right a mzscheme
script using that?


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Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 12:05:46 -0400
From: Mike Burns <netgeek at speakeasy.net>
To: Mike MacHenry <dskippy at cs.uchicago.edu>
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Well, I tried running the web-shell.ss that you gave me, but it required a CVS
PLT. I managed to get DrScheme from CVS and I built it with
 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/lib/plt/ --enable-dynlib --disable-mred --disable-gl
However, when I ran /usr/local/lib/plt/bin/web-server, it complained that mred
was not found. I checked web-server (it's a shell script) and it was calling
/usr/local/lib/plt/bin/mred as its last step. I deleted everything and rebuilt
with the same problem.

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