[plt-scheme] Adding a DrScheme language with a fake primitive module

From: Eric M. Kidd (Eric.M.Kidd at Dartmouth.EDU)
Date: Tue Aug 20 17:33:51 EDT 2002

--- Eric M. Kidd wrote:
Here's the problem:  Our engine defines a primitive module named "#%fivel-engine" containing a single function "%call-5L-primitive".  When 5L code is edited in DrScheme, I need to supply a reasonable immitation of this module implemented as native Scheme code.

Is there any way to optionally load a Scheme-based #%fivel-engine module if and only if my code is running in DrScheme?
--- end of quote ---

OK, I think I've made a good start at this.  I overloaded on-execute to do some moderately alarming things, and everything gets loaded OK.

Now, I wonder if there's any way to convine the editor to indent our special forms correctly...


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