[plt-scheme] SOLVED: Installation problem of PLT scheme v201 with win2000 + SP3

From: Pekka Niiranen (krissepu at vip.fi)
Date: Tue Aug 13 14:38:54 EDT 2002


I downloaded the single installation file again and now it worked.
What puzzles me is that the newly downloaded file had same size
(bytewise) as the previous one. Since I removed Activestate's Perl
and Tcl before reinstalling we may never know what was the problem.

Thanks anyways


Paul Steckler wrote:

>Pekka Niiranen wrote:
>>When I run PLT-201.exe in windows 2000 (with Service pack 3 installed)
>>the installation program stops at 17 %.  The file it is working on is
>>collects\framework\gui-utils.ss. What happens is that installation software
>>creates file ~GLH007b.tmp in that directory and the filesize keeps 
>>until harddisk is full. My file increased to > 1 GB. Eternal loop ?
>The installer uses the Wise installation 
>system, so it's not under Scheme control.
>[Read: I don't know what's going wrong.]
>I haven't heard of this error before.
>Just to be sure the file isn't corrupt, 
>could you try re-downloading and re-installing?
>Did you use the single installation file, or
>the floppy-sized installation files?
>-- Paul
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