[plt-scheme] Mac PPC and Help Desk

From: Paul Steckler (steck at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 13 10:33:19 EDT 2002

> I also have problems with Help Desk on my Linux box.
> For me it seems to be choking on my lovingly
> hand-crafted HTML docs for SchemeUnit :-(  I haven't
> had time to find out what the problem is.  The docs
> are all HTML files so you can still browse them on
> your hard disk, you just won't have the search
> facility.

PR 5719 was about problems creating the Manuals page with "nonstandard"
manuals in the doc collection.  That's broken in v201, fixed in CVS.

If that's where your manuals are, make sure you have both index.html and
index.htm files, usually identical, in your doc collection subdirectory.
[Don't ask me why, I inherited this setup :-).]  With those files in
place, you should see your manual on the Manuals page using the current
CVS code.

Incidentally, you can create your own hdindex and keywords files so that
Help Desk can search your manual.  Look in the help collection doc.txt
for info on the file formats.

-- Paul

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