[plt-scheme] How to get pretty-print pretty ?

From: Blake McBride (blake at integra-online.com)
Date: Fri Aug 2 23:19:08 EDT 2002


If I do the following (in 200):

(define lst '(define fun
                (lambda (a b)
                  (let ((c a)
                        (d b))
                    (+ c d)))))
(print lst)
(pretty-print lst)

I get:

(define fun (lambda (a b) (let ((c a) (d b)) (+ c d))))
(define fun (lambda (a b) (let ((c a) (d b)) (+ c d))))

Is there a way to get pretty-print to really be pretty?  I know it splits
lines but how do I get it to print in a (readable) style similar to
my (define lst ...  above?


Blake McBride

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