[plt-scheme] Symbol Table in v200?

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 1 19:21:08 EDT 2002

> I am trying to get a PLT 103 program to run in PLT 200. I used to use
> a copied function:
> (define (make-keyword symbol)
>   (cond ((not (defined? symbol))
>         (global-defined-value symbol symbol)
>         (keyword-name symbol))
>        ((not (or (eq? (global-defined-value symbol) symbol)
>                  (eq? symbol ':))) ; MrSpidy compatibility has a ":" macro
>         (error 'make-keyword
>                "symbol ~e is already bound, can't make it a keyword." symbol))
>        ((not (keyword-name? symbol)) (keyword-name symbol))
>        (else #t)))
> What do you do in PLT 200?

I'm not sure how this `make-keyword' function is used, but there are no
keywords in v200. The new macro system makes the old distinction


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