[plt-planet-announce] Updated PLaneT package: untyped/snooze.plt for 4.x

From: PLaneT (planet at racket-lang.org)
Date: Fri May 20 06:49:04 EDT 2011

This announces the availability of an updated package from PLaneT:

Name:            snooze.plt
Package version: 2.9
Owner:           untyped

Package Description

An Object Relational Mapping (ORM) system from Untyped. Snooze lets you define special MzScheme structs called persistent-structs and serialize them to an SQLite or PostgreSQL database.

Release Notes

Changes and additions:
added connection pooling support to PostgreSQL back end; changed audit transaction timestamps to SRFI 19 time-utcs ; added query-logger parameter; added sql-list syntax.

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