[racket-dev] Problem with planet and Windows shortcuts

From: Antonio Menezes Leitao (antonio.menezes.leitao at ist.utl.pt)
Date: Wed Sep 17 12:31:55 EDT 2014


Recent versions of Racket for Windows (at least, starting from
cannot install packages from planet when Racket's AppData/Roaming/ folder
is a shortcut. I'm sure Racket could do it in previous versions.

The output I get is:

..\..\Program Files\Racket-\collects\racket\path.rkt:66:14:
normalize-path: element within the input path is not a directory or does
not exist
  element: C:\Users\aml\AppData\Roaming\Racket

Here are some additional tests:

> (directory-exists? "C:\\Users\\aml\\AppData\\Roaming\\Racket")
> (file-exists? "C:\\Users\\aml\\AppData\\Roaming\\Racket")
> (link-exists? "C:\\Users\\aml\\AppData\\Roaming\\Racket")

The reason why I use a shortcut is simply because I use several different
machines which synchronize that folder using Dropbox.

Is there a workaround (besides making C:\Users\aml\AppData\Roaming\Racket a
regular folder)?

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