[racket-dev] current packages' docs, errors, and conflicts

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jul 9 20:21:27 EDT 2014

So I just renamed rackjure's manual.scrbl to rackjure.scrbl.

On the next raco setup I get:

raco setup: --- building documentation ---
raco setup: WARNING: duplicate tag: (def ((lib "rackjure/alist.rkt") alist))
raco setup:  in: <unknown>
raco setup:  in:
raco setup: WARNING: duplicate tag: (def ((lib "rackjure/alist.rkt")
raco setup:  in: <unknown>
raco setup:  in:
... and many more...

The message about <unknown> is confusing. But anyway, I assume this is
because the new rackjure.scrbl output is conflicting with the old
manual.scrbl output.

OK, so I should probably remove rackjure, then retry raco setup. However:

raco pkg remove rackjure
raco pkg remove: cannot remove packages that are dependencies of other packages
   rackjure (required by: (markdown toml frog))

I could remove those and try again...but. Now I'm a little concerned
how this will play out in the field for users of rackjure.

Renaming the file is easy for me. But will it trigger a cascade of
re-installs that succeed (best-case, or do not succeed, worst case)?

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