[racket-dev] [plt] Push #28945: master branch updated

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Jul 1 15:31:42 EDT 2014

On Jun 27, 2014, at 4:47 PM, Robby Findler wrote:

> This effect is, I believe, one of the
> main things people mean when they say that Redex's typesetting is ugly
> (and it is indeed ugly in larger quantities).

[[ Just now catching up ]]

This is off topic in a sense but right on topic wrt the above quote. 
When people dislike Redex in scribble or latex document, they are 
saying that they chose some fonts (perhaps defaults) and that Redex
fragments look different than their context because Redex chose a 
different font. Most latex users don't know much about fonts and
certainly don't know how to adjust Redex so it uses their latex 

[[ I did some font loading and messing around in my TeX days and
young LaTeX days and I am honestly glad I forgot those details. I 
am not looking forward to creating the .tex styles for 2e. ]]

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