[racket-dev] Testing for Racket v6.0

From: Ryan Culpepper (ryanc at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 14 15:55:59 EST 2014

We need volunteers for a final round of testing for Racket
v6.0. This round of testing will focus on the package system and
changes related to it.

We would like to test the release candidate on the following

     - Unix build from source, in-place install
     - Unix build from source, Unix-style install
     - Unix build from source, minimal, in-place install
     - Unix build from source, minimal, Unix-style install
     - Mac OS X 32-bit
     - Mac OS X 64-bit
     - Mac OS X 32-bit, minimal
     - Windows 32-bit
     - Windows 64-bit
     - Windows 32-bit, minimal

We would like the testers to try the following:

   1. Start DrRacket, if non-minimal, and check the version
      display in interactions.

   2. Create a "hello world" executable distribution: from within
      DrRacket if non-minimal, via `raco exe` and `raco dist` if

   3. Install the "aws" package and try to read the docs; use the GUI
      package manager for non-minimal, use `raco pkg install` for
      minimal; double-check that installation was in user scope.

   4. If minimal, install DrRacket (as a package) and try to start
      it as in step 1.

   5. Uninstall the "aws" package.

The idea here is that our tests for functionality worked as well
as ever for v5.93, while the problems were mostly related build
and package configuration (as we expected). We haven't heard
about any problems particularly related to step 2 above, but it's
especially sensitive to the installation configuration, so it's a
useful extra check.

If you are interested in helping, please reply to this message to
the mailing list and include the configuration(s) you are willing
to test.


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