[racket-dev] Bug report lost? Here it is again: Issue with help

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 2 14:34:21 EST 2014

> I can see how that could happen. When you first install, the only
> documentation page is in the main installation. After you install some
> packages (in user scope), then there will be a more specific
> documentation page in a user-specific location. It sounds like the CSS
> file is not properly installed for the user-specific location.

Ah I see. Glad I'm not crazy.

Although my original report mentioned both JS and CSS, my recent email
only mentioned CSS. So I should emphasize that both are missing, and

For example, the following hack fixes the issue for me:

greg at mbp in /Applications/Racket_v5.93/doc
$ ls *.css
doc-site.css       manual-racket.css  racket.css         scribble.css
manual-fonts.css   manual-style.css   scribble-style.css
greg at mbp in /Applications/Racket_v5.93/doc
$ cp *.css /Users/greg/Library/Racket/5.93/doc/

greg at mbp in /Applications/Racket_v5.93/doc
$ ls *.js
doc-site.js        scribble-common.js
greg at mbp in /Applications/Racket_v5.93/doc
$ cp *.js /Users/greg/Library/Racket/5.93/doc/

After that, both (a) the appearance is correct and (b) search works.

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