[racket-dev] Should `register-finalizer` unwrap impersonators?

From: Neil Toronto (neil.toronto at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Aug 16 08:55:45 EDT 2014

Short version: the contract system doesn't allow `register-finalizer` to 
be used in Typed Racket.

Long version: consider the following Typed Racket program, in which 
instances of `os-resource-wrapper` represent an operating system 
resource `os-resource`, which itself is just a counter. It attempts to 
register a finalizer for allocated wrappers, which decrements the counter.

#lang typed/racket

  [register-finalizer  (All (A) (-> A (-> A Any) Void))])

(: os-resource Integer)
(define os-resource 0)

(struct os-resource-wrapper ())

(: alloc-os-resource (-> os-resource-wrapper))
(define (alloc-os-resource)
   (set! os-resource (add1 os-resource))
   (define w (os-resource-wrapper))
   (register-finalizer w (λ (w) (set! os-resource (sub1 os-resource))))

(define w (alloc-os-resource))
(printf "os-resource = ~v~n" os-resource)
(sleep 1)  ; give finalizers a chance to run
(printf "os-resource = ~v~n" os-resource)

I get this output:

   os-resource = 1
   os-resource = 0

The finalizer is being run while the program still has a pointer to the 
wrapper object. I think it's because the wrapper object is being 
impersonated when it's sent across the contract barrier, and the 
*impersonator* is getting the finalizer. (Or it's a chaperone, or an 
impostor, or a charlatan, or whatever. Let's go with impersonator.)

In my specific case, the OS resources are OpenGL objects; e.g. vertex 
object arrays. The call to `register-finalizer` *must* be in Typed 
Racket code because the wrapper contains an (Instance GL-Context<%>), 
which can't have a contract put on it, so it can't pass from untyped to 
typed code.

Is there any reason for `register-finalizer` to behave this way? Does it 
ever make sense to register a finalizer on an impersonator?

Neil ⊥

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