[racket-dev] Compile cache being incorrect

From: Eric Dobson (eric.n.dobson at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Apr 5 00:16:55 EDT 2014

Great that explains it and with that information I was able to
simplify my test case to

#lang racket

(require "tmp2.rkt")

(define-syntax (go stx)


#lang racket

(provide (for-syntax foo))

  (define (foo) #'3))

So now the question is how do I run my code so as to not be bit by
this? I want a command to run my program that is both fast to run and
correct with regards to my source. My previous assumption was that the
zo file's logic was safe if I wasn't trying to break it but I now know
better. Is my only option to either always compile or never compile?

On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 7:15 AM, Matthew Flatt <mflatt at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> If I understand the question:
>  * With 34c3eed615, "pr12644.rkt" can compile and run.
>  * With d29df205f7, "pr12644.rkt" fails to compile.
>  * A bytecode form of "pr12644.rkt" compiled with 34c3eed615 can still
>    run in d29df205f7, because run-time support for "pr12644.rkt" didn't
>    change.
>  * When you tell `racket` to run "pr12644.rkt", it will use a ".zo" for
>    each of "pr12644.rkt" and its dependencies as long each individual
>    ".zo" file has a newer timestamp than its ".rkt" file. That is, the
>    only timestamp comparisons are on individual ".rkt" and ".zo" pairs.
>  * When you tell `raco make` to build "pr12644.rkt", it checks
>    dependencies (via ".dep" file) and compares a ".rkt" file's
>    timestamp against the times of all of its dependencies, instead of
>    just checking individual ".rkt" and ".zo" pairs. That's why a `raco
>    make` in d29df205f7 tries to recompile "pr12644.rkt".
> At Thu, 3 Apr 2014 09:41:19 -0700, Eric Dobson wrote:
>> I have seen multiple times changes in TR not getting properly
>> propogated to TR programs in my debugging, and I finally have found a
>> repeatable example.
>> I am under the impression that if I compile a file and then change a
>> (transitive) dependency of it, then it should have to be recompiled,
>> but I am not seeing that.
>> Steps to reproduce:
>> git checkout 34c3eed6155765a1e457f69194786575128a13a5
>> raco setup -D typed-racket typed
>> raco make
>> pkgs/typed-racket-pkgs/typed-racket-test/tests/typed-racket/succeed/pr12644.rkt
>> racket -l tests/typed-racket/succeed/pr12644
>> The test should run successfully and output '(6 7 8 9)
>> Now make the change (rolling forward one commit):
>> git checkout d29df205f7bb8347f60c82206b74e3e167e2de24
>> racket -l tests/typed-racket/succeed/pr12644
>> raco make
>> pkgs/typed-racket-pkgs/typed-racket-test/tests/typed-racket/succeed/pr12644.rkt
>> The test runs the first time successfully but fails if you try to
>> compile it again. Can someone explain why this is not working like I
>> expect?
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