[racket-dev] Building HEAD today

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Thu Sep 26 12:35:10 EDT 2013

On Jul 17, 2013, at 2:23 PM, Matthew Flatt wrote:

> At Wed, 17 Jul 2013 16:48:06 -0400, Greg Hendershott wrote:
>> I did my first fetch and build of HEAD today, using the new layout. A
>> few surprises; I wanted to ask if they're as-expected (at least at
>> this point in the change to the new approach).


>> 5. At the end, I got many, many lines about dependency checking for
>> packages with dev links:
>> raco setup: found undeclared dependency:
>> raco setup:   mode: run
>> raco setup:   for package: "frog"
>> raco setup:   on package: core
>> raco setup:   dependent source: config_rkt.zo
>> raco setup:   used module: (lib "racket/syntax.rkt")
>> [...]
>> Is this normal (or normal for the time being, and OK to ignore)?
> Now that the Racket distribution is composed of many packages, your
> package depends on many packages. Ideally, you'd add in all those
> dependencies.
> Unfortunately, if you add in the dependencies, then your package won't
> work with v5.3.6 and earlier, because the packages don't exist for that
> distribution.
> We need to sort this out, and I'll bump it to the top of the list.
> (Probably, we need to add "main-distribution" as a package for v5.3.6
> and earlier, or something like that.) Meanwhile, you can ignore the
> errors.

I don't see any related follow-ups, based on my 5-minute search. What's the current best-practice for dependencies for packages that are to be compatible with 5.3.5/6 ? I'm guessing that just leaving the dependency line off and tolerating the undeclared dependency warnings is best for now?



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