[racket-dev] git rebase/squash my commits before submitting a pull request?

From: David T. Pierson (dtp at mindstory.com)
Date: Sat Oct 19 23:56:00 EDT 2013

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on my Guide chapter on
concurrency.  I think I've addressed everyone's suggestions in my latest
version [1].

My question at this point is whether to rebase before submitting a pull
request.  If the initial commit had not been made public I would
obviously want to rebase and squash.  But since it was publicized here
and people commented, should I leave it as is?

Since this is a relatively minor patch, perhaps it doesn't matter so
much for this time.  But it would be good to know whether there is a
general rule for when not to rebase/squash.


[1] https://github.com/davidtpierson/racket/tree/concurrency-docs

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