[racket-dev] PLT Package Catalog changes

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Oct 11 18:42:35 EDT 2013

I've updated the package catalog to be a JS application that is hosted
on S3 with the Racket portion just handling the dynamic portion. As
the DNS entries are being changed, the old server


redirects to


and will serve the static content. In the future, it will redirect to


which is the S3 site that the documentation will start referring to.
The dynamic portion will be at


but you will never go to that site yourself.

'raco pkg' (and friends) will starting contacting
"http://pkgs.racket-lang.org" and if there are old clients out there
(as there are sure to be) then "https://pkg.racket-lang.org" will
redirect appropriately.

I am fairly certain that everything is in working order... I've tested
it with old clients and new clients, but it's possible that there will
be weirdness until the DNS entries are out there.

I've tested the JS code with most major browsers on Linux and I
believe I use all standard things (jquery, etc) that are
cross-browser, but please inform me of any problems you find.


Jay McCarthy <jay at cs.byu.edu>
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