[racket-dev] Windows GTK version conflicts with GObjectIntrospection

From: Roman Klochkov (kalimehtar at mail.ru)
Date: Sun Oct 6 03:48:57 EDT 2013

 Can we upgrade GTK version in the next windows bundle?
Or at least GLib and GObject.

I tried  http://code.google.com/p/osspack32/downloads/detail?name=pygi-aio-3.4.2rev11.7z&can=2&q= libraries on win32 racket 5.3.6 (simply replaced dll's) -- works just fine. But I have no version for win64. Besides, I dislike idea, that win32 user should manually patch racket with third-party libs for GObjectIntrospection to work. 

I can't make independent libraries for libgirepository-1.0.0-1.dll, because it use glib-2.0-0.dll and windows doesn't have version in the name of dll (like .so.1, .so.2 ...). When Racket starts, its libraries have maximum priority, and there are already old glib there.

Roman Klochkov
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