[racket-dev] raco pkg remove not removing

From: J. Ian Johnson (ianj at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu May 30 11:38:05 EDT 2013

Following Asumu's advice, I used --force. I got the same error, but then it was no longer installed. I tried to install again with the fixed files. It's still looking for a directory for-accumulate! There's nothing in my repository that references that name anymore. I'm quite confused. Are there some latent files downloaded by the package manager that are being used when they shouldn't? If so, that's a bug. Additionally I would want to know where they are so I can delete them to work around the problem currently.
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From: "J. Ian Johnson" <ianj at ccs.neu.edu>
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Subject: [racket-dev] raco pkg remove not removing

I tried to turn my nifty-macros repo into something that the new package manager could work with. I recently changed for-accumulate.rkt to for-acc.rkt but forgot to change main.rkt to require and reprovide from the new file. I installed from github and it died on looking for the for-accumulate directory. This is weird since nothing referred to the directory - it was all the files. Even so, I changed main.rkt to reflect the changes and tried to install. No go, the package was already installed (albeit incorrectly). I try to remove. It has the same error and fails to remove the package. I'm now stuck. How to I remove an incorrectly installed package?

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