[racket-dev] Release Announcement for v5.3.4

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed May 1 17:39:36 EDT 2013

More than a week ago, Ryan Culpepper wrote:
>   - added file-truncate (48e05093)
>   - added scribble/book and scribble/report langs (09d4aa3d)
>   - add _size, _ssize, _ptrdiff, etc (d46411d3)
>   - add phaseless modules (899a3279)
>   - add {take,drop}f, splitf-at, etc (bb17b6a8, 2cdfe18b, 3af72eca)

Maybe add a "misc" item with an enumeration of these things?  (Just a
word on each so there's a hook for looking in the docs for the new

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